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Season Trendy Hairstyle

Trendy hairstyleseason-trendy-hairstyle2

Most of the hairstyles that are popularised today are symbolic for elegance. Hairstyles that are very popular today are mostly the ones that are short hairstyles and have a trendy look associated to it.


The current hair trend for men comprises crew cuts, spikes and the classic gelled hairstyles. These trendy hairstyles are classic in their appeal. Most of these hairstyles are not just stylish but also very much of a craze among both students as well as corporates.


Short hairstyle is casual and elegant hairstyle. In summer season short hairstyle is very popular. Bob hairstyle is very innocent short stylish hairstyle. Straight hairstyle is also very popular hairstyle. Long straight hairstyle is type of beautiful elegant hairstyle.

Sporting Long Hairstyles

Sporting Long Hairstyles

Many long locked celebrities sport long hairstyles that give the rest of us a run for our money. Here are a few ideas on certain celebrities that give long locks a new style to sport.


Kim Kardashian wears her hair in a wavy long hairstyle with bangs on a regular basis. To achieve her stylish locks, blow dry hair after it is placed up in Velcro rollers.

Nicole Richie

If you want to do this, then you can apply a bit of wax to the ends of the hair and then place the ends onto the roller and curl the roller up towards the head.

Nicole Richie wears her long golden locks in a plethora of straight long hairstyles with layers around the face. If you want to achieve the straight long hairstyle she wore in the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood issue, the key is to use your blow dryer as a friend.

HOT Curly hairstyles in 2009 summer

HOT Curly hairstyles


Curly hairstyles are back again with some advancement and new touch in summer 2009. Curls, waves, and tussels are adopted for the sake of easiness and fun.


There is a huge range of curly hairstyles available. It will suit you in every function whether you are having natural curls or just have applied for a trendy hair look. Whether it is a formal ocassion or informal one, curly hairstyle is right for this summer.


Girls with curly hairstyle, who do not wish to have their hair straightened, have several great looking hairstyles to choose from. The secret is just to go for the one that would look great on your facial feature. Curls and ringlets can look very sexy and adorable if they glow with health.

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