Friday, August 13, 2010

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Beautiful Hijab fashion

These days, Muslim or Islamic children have a wide range of choices when it comes to Kids hijab. There are innumerable styles to select when it comes to the fabric choices. There are the gorgeous pashmina shawls to the relatively modest wholesale shawl versions as well. Whatever it is, your child is sure to look very cute when they wear the hijab.
Ethereal white
There are beautiful combinations available these days in the variety of kids hijabs. These range from classic white pieces available in a one piece with a fabric like georgette shawl and devoid of any lace. Though these look relatively simple they are the classic styles and will never go out of fashion.

Black versions
Then, there are the more common black kids hijabs, which range from the plan black chiffon shawls worn as hijab to small designs woven or painted on the black hijab. Some of the children’s pieces have a single piece of hijab and do not contain any lace on the edges. However, most young girls will love to have a bit of intricate lace edging on their gorgeous black silk shawl and hence these are very much in vogue nowadays.

Colorful variations
There are also various colorful combinations when it comes to kids hijabs. After all, all kids like a bit of color in their garments so why not in the hijab as well? These days, you can find classic sober pink combinations with delicate designs on them to intense maroon and red variations of the hijabs. Many of these hijabs are made of a silk shawl or sometimes have more expensive pashmina shawls used. There are also unusual green blends when it comes to color in kids hijabs. These range from jungle green color combinations to classic green color variants. Then, there are the classic brown combinations as well where both light as well as darker brown colors in the kids hijabs are available. Light grey is also a very common choice.

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