Tuesday, August 3, 2010

hairstyle by sandy cole

2009 Hairstyle Trends: short bob

This short bob is a classic look that many women will find very complimentary as it frames the face very well.

The hair is cut and styled so the hair falls right about chin level with curled tips that follow the jaw line.

2009 Hairstyle Trends: Short Hair for women

Short hair is not a faux pas anymore – from the fashionable business woman to the sexy girl next door.

Some will find compact haircut actually more complimentary on them than longer haircuts, though short haircut is not for everybody.

2009 Hairstyle Trends: Short Angled Inverted Bob Haircut Styles

Maintaining short hairstyle is not going to be expensive for you.

The hair cutting in short angled inverted bob hairstyle can be adjusted to suit any face, either round or long.

To enhance the look few hairs can be left fallen in the front portion of your forehead. Inverted bob hairstyle usually have several layers of hair.

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